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Gas Furnace Sales & Service

Now you can savor the warmth of your home at an affordable price with our efficient and reliable gas furnace. It features a fixed-speed blower motor and single-stage gas heating that delivers reliable temperature control and quiet performance.

Features & Benefits

  • Quiet performance

  • Fixed-speed blower motor and single-stage gas valve also provide even levels of temperature control and comfort

  • Dual fuel capable with a compatible heat pump and thermostat for energy-saving heating performance

  • Air purifier and humidifier compatible for better home air quality

  • 10-Year Parts Limited Warranty

  • 20-Year Heat Exchanger Limited Warranty

AFUE Ratings from 80% up to 98% 

AFUE Rating:  Gas furnaces use Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) as their measurement. The higher the AFUE, the greater the efficiency and the greater your energy savings potential.

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