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About Us

Our company is wholly owned and operated by both a 17 year army veteran and a Triangle Tech attendee and who has been in the HVAC business since 1994.  With so many years of combined experience and knowledge, there is no problem that Low-Cost Heating and Air can't tackle.

We at Low-Cost Heating & Air in Pittsburgh let YOU decide which equipment and price you are most comfortable with for your family, home, and budget.

Maintenance of your gas furnace or air conditioning system can add years to the life of the equipment.

We consider all of our customers part of our extended family and get to know them on a first-name basis. We look forward to extending our family further and meeting you soon!

Our MISSION is simple...
Offer the Highest Quality Service and Sales at the very lowest cost available to the consumer; and our GOAL is to be sure that we achieve that very mission with every service and sales call that we make!

Alarm Clock Retrieved After Going Off In Home’s Wall Every Day For 13 Years

Low-Cost Heating and Air Conditioning came to the rescue. Keith Andreen and Dawn Michelucci went to the home to remove the clock, through the garage.

“I see a clock with vibrant numbers stuck on a wire,” Michelucci said when she first spotted the clock. “This is the first time, no pun intended, that I had to remove a clock from inside ductwork,” Andreen said.  Click this link to see the news story:


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